This is Me - Emmi Peltonen
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”I’m a fighter, but when I’m on ice I let myself loose. I enjoy every moment there. 

I love dancing and art in all forms, but when I’m skating it’s the best feeling in the world ”


Emmi Peltonen is a Finnish figure skater who started to build her career when she was only two years old. Even in that age, being at the ice rink was familiar to Emmi, as her father, Ville Peltonen, was professional ice hockey player at that time. Ville was winner of IIHF World Championship 1995, as well as, bronze Olympic medal in 1998. Emmi loved being in that environment so much, that she also wanted to start skaiting. Emmi is a third generation Olympic skater, as Ville’s father professional hockey player Esa Peltonen has been on Olympic ice in total four times, between years 1968 and 1980.


The point where Emmi is now, has demanded a lot of time to train her physical ability, as well as mental preparation to compete. Luckily, she has a solid international team supporting her journey: the well-known Swiss figure skating coach Stéphane Lambiel. In Finland Sirkka Kaipio, a famous Finnish coach, trains Emmi. Petri Helenius looks after Emmi’s physical health. Mr. Helenius is recognized sport physician who also works with FIA formula 1 drivers, as well as, with top ice hockey, tennis and volleyball players.”


Even though, Emmi has achieved a lot for her age, she wants to achieve even more.Now she is working hard towards Olympics 2022. You can follow Emmi more closely on Instagram.